5 Common Car Issues That Require Body Shop Repairs

No car owner wants their car to get damaged. Damage to your car’s exterior can be as expensive to repair as mechanical problems, plus they’re aesthetically unappealing. That’s why such damages are annoying. If you know the type of damage that a body shop can fix, however, you can rest assured that your car will return as good as new.

In general, you take your car to a body shop to fix damage related to the visible parts of the vehicle, such as the windows, frames, and exterior surfaces. A mechanic’s shop, on the other hand, may be necessary when you face problems regarding the parts a car needs to run. If you experience any of the issues we included in this list, you will need to take your vehicle to a body shop.

(1) Dents

Bad weather and random accidents, such as a neighbourhood kid hitting your car with a soccer ball, can cause dents. While DIY dent removal has seen a surge in popularity, doing so is risky as any mistakes will lead to more expensive repairs, such as repainting. Therefore, it is better for you to let a professional do the job. They can fix the dented surface safely and effectively, giving you good value for your money.

(2) Deep scratches

An accident or near collision can cause a deep scratch to form on your car’s exterior. Shrugging off scrapes can lead to worse damage such as rust, cracking, and flaking of paint surrounding the crack. Not only does paint serve as an aesthetic purpose, but it protects your car’s metal surface from the elements. Therefore, you will need to go to a body shop to have your vehicle repainted. A body shop can find the paint that matches your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications so that your car has a clean finish once again.

(3) Collision-related damage

If and when you get into an accident, you may incur damage worse than dents or deep scratches. Sometimes, however, such damages won’t be immediately noticeable. An example of this is when the crash has subtly altered your frame’s alignment. If you think you can save time and money by ignoring collision-related damage, think again. Doing so would mean you are risking your life, as well as the lives of your passengers. The shop’s team will inspect your vehicle to make sure that none of its vital parts were damaged. If they detect problems, the shop’s team will fix them immediately. If your car is insured, your policy will likely cover collision repairs, so you don’t have to worry about how expensive such repairs can be.

(4) Window damage

Dust storms, accidents, and break-ins can ruin your windows. Even if your window only has minor damage, it’s best to go to an auto body shop to have it fixed. Remember — even so-called minor damage can lead to worse problems later on if left unchecked.

(5) Frame repair and alignment

If you observe that your car shakes as you drive, that means you have a frame-related problem. Another symptom of frame alignment issues is when your vehicle tends to go in a particular direction, even if you didn’t intend to take your vehicle there. Nevertheless, frame damage can be overlooked, especially as it is barely noticeable after an accident. A body shop will do the repairs along with collision repair.

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