Why You Should Have You Car Professionally Painted

If you are looking for advice regarding painting your car, there are a lot of sources you can ask. You can ask your neighbour, your friend, or even strangers online. You can just leave a question on car forums, or you can watch “how to paint your car” videos for DIY solutions. In reality, the best advice will tell you when you need to have a professional do the car painting for you. DIY solutions aren’t the best solutions, and one mistake can be costly for you and your car.

But in the first place, why would car owners want to paint the car themselves?

No one wants to see cracks, flakes, scratches, and fading colours on their car’s surface, so car owners want to make their vehicle look good as soon as possible. Most car owners think that DIY solutions will help them save money and time. After all, they can just order brush touching kits and touch-up supplies online or buy them at their nearest hardware and automotive supply store. These kits can cost as cheap as $20 although some can reach up to $3,500, depending on the kind and number of painting equipment.

If the paint is applied well onto small scratches, these kits can prove to be cost-effective and quick fixes. However, a car paint repair kit is generic. It does not exactly match the paint thickness, quality, shade, and sheen of the colour that the car manufacturer used. Thus, even when you use these kits, the finish does not blend well with the car’s original paint. These paints will not work with bigger and deeper scratches. On the other hand, auto body shops have special paint supplies that fit the kind and quality of paint that the car manufacturer used, regardless of the sort of scratch your car had.

So when should I take the car to the auto body shop for repainting?

Take your car to the auto body shop if you want the best results. This is important especially if you plan to sell your car in the near future, unless if it is an older car model that you don’t mind selling cheaply. Professionals use high-quality car paint whose tint and colour equals the original colour and hue of the car’s surface. They have the materials and skills to apply the paint over your car superbly and give it a perfect finish that will make it look good as new.

Another time when you need to have the auto body shop repaint your car is if it involves extensive damage. Large and deep paint damages are too much for DIY touch-up kits to fix. You may need to spend more money to get an adequate amount of paint to coat your car.  You will also need to spend more time to do it yourself as well.

Even if you persevere, your herculean efforts will pale in comparison to what professionals can do. Instead, make your effort, time, and money more worth it by having professionals do the job more efficiently and effectively for you. They have the machines and equipment that can fix your car damage faster and better. You can use your time and money you save for other endeavours.

Extensive damage could mask other damage that your car experienced. Painting your car yourself may prevent you from identifying these hidden damages. On the other hand, technicians in the auto body shop will be able to tell you what other car repairs are necessary aside from the restoration of the car paint itself.

If you want a cost-effective solution, that’s another time when you should go to the auto body shop for assistance. The damaged surface may be so large that you may have to spend for more paint and tools that will help you repair your car, which defeats your original objective. You can also commit mistakes that will force you to go to a professional, rendering your cost-saving DIY measures inutile as you will have to spend money again to have the paint redone by a professional.

Lastly, when you want a guarantee for the results, you can always rely on a professional to deliver. Car owners can rest assured that a reliable auto body specialist will have their car look new again in no time.

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